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Life's never been easier

Never used HELMO before?

Here are some of the things you can request:

Have someone do your laundry!

Have someone bring you coffee!

Borrow headphones for the weekend!

Available soon on the App Store

Set the price

Helmo allows you to set the price you think is fair for the requested favor. Choose your own price and have the favor completed for you. 

Become a "Helper"

Helmo provides opportunities for individuals to earn money by completing favors for other users. Click the button below to sign up and become a Helper today.

Save Time

Save time by having someone complete a favor for you. Are you stuck in the library and need a coffee? Request a favor and you'll be matched with someone willing to complete it for you. 

Who are we
How it works

The App 

Coming soon

The Web

Sooner :)


The Team

Lucas Aurich

Co-Funder & CFO

Responsivel for all the finance and stackholders contacts.

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Vinícius Veloso 

Co-Funder & CEO

Apresente sua equipe! Clique aqui para adicionar imagens, texto e links ou conecte dados da sua coleção.

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Alberto Forcelius

Product Manager

Responsivel for all the development and managament of the final product.

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Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can!

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